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Bittersweet Rajesh Konsam


About the Author:


Rajesh Konsam is a young novelist and poet with a knack for twisted plots, morally ambiguous characters, and deep introspection.

As a young millennial, he uses his writing platform to raise awareness on mental health, diversity, and inclusivity.


Although Konsam hails from Manipur, he is based in Chennai.

Bittersweet is his debut novel, and he is working on his next.

Rajesh tweets as @RajeshKonsam, runs a feed on Instagram as @rajeshkonsam, and responds well to feedback at






Destiny has grand plans for a young underdog, Roshan, but he does not know it. Not yet

As a fashion store assistant moonlighting as a singer-songwriter, his passion is dimming.

A fall-out with a narcissistic producer, a casting couch incident, a shared history with a movie star, a meeting with the CEO of a music label, and a chance encounter with a talented and beautiful artist—all these incidents shape Roshan’s music through lyrics, through hope, and sometimes, tears.

As he tackles his first job, second relationship, financial independence, and fear of failure, his future is uncertain.

Will Roshan ever get a chance to live his elusive dreams? Or will he be forced to drop his guitar?

Inspiring and romantic, ‘Bittersweet’ is an emotionally complex novel about a young man who finds his true calling in a world that otherwise seeks a compromise. It is a haunting insight on the lives of the powerful and the powerless, on identity and forgiveness, and on free will and destiny.




Praise for Bittersweet:


“A fascinating and realistic story.” – THE ASIAN CHRONICLE


“The plot is constructed with such expertise that it is difficult to believe that this is a debut writer's work.” - Pankaj Giri, author of The Fragile Thread of Hope and finalist of the Amazon Pen to Publish Contest 2017


“An excellent book which deftly deals with a gamut of human emotions! Rajesh has done a terrific job and is a young literary star poised for much success!” – The Book Bakers



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