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Rajesh Konsam is a young software engineer and writer. A geek at heart, he loves programming and feel-good novels in equal measure. He also enjoys writing poems and occasionally dabbles in dance. When not designing websites, he is a cosmopolitan who ticks travel destinations off his bucket list. Rajesh is also a contributing author in an anthology of short stories, Twisted Tales, which was published in 2017 by Author’s Ink Publications. His poem, “Promise Me You’ll Stay”, was published in 2018 in a reputed newspaper, ‘The People's Chronicle’. Although Rajesh hails from Manipur, he works in Chennai after completing his B.E. in Coimbatore. Bittersweet is Rajesh’s debut novel, and he is working on his next. Rajesh tweets as @RajeshKonsam, runs a feed on Instagram as @rajeshkonsam, and responds well to feedback at